We focus on clients’ needs and strive to achieve our firm’s primary values, which include:

  • adding value to our clients’ businesses,
  • maintaining integrity in a trusting relationship with our firm’s clients (including being responsive, courteous and mindful of clients’ business concerns),
  • educating our clients on matters relating to intellectual property law, and
  • fostering an effective work environment and long-term, strong client relationships.

Our firm’s attorneys have been involved in teaching at local law schools, writing for legal publications, speaking at legal conferences and Continuing Legal Education seminars, providing pro bono legal services, mentoring future patent attorneys, volunteering for non-profit organizations, and other activities.

Attorneys & Scientific Advisors:

Robert J. Crawford

Phone: 651-259-2300
Email: crawford@ip-firm.com
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LeRoy D. Maunu

Phone: 651-259-2301
Email: maunu@ip-firm.com
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Eric J. Curtin

Phone: 651-259-2303
Email: curtin@ip-firm.com
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Julian D. Cooper

Phone: 651-686-6633
Email: jcooper@ip-firm.com
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Legal Specialists:

Kelly S. Waltigney

Phone: 651-259-2308
Email: waltigney@ip-firm.com
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