Julian D. Cooper

 Phone: 651-686-6633
Email: jcooper@ip-firm.com

Julian D. Cooper, Ph.D., has been working with patents for over 20 years in the capacities of inventor, business manager, advisor and technical consultant. Julian has significant experience in various cross-disciplinary fields including those involving transgenic systems, biological devices and biological engineering including medical microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology and chemical engineering.

Prior to working with our firm, Julian was a lead scientist in various micro-biology disciplines including, e.g., picorna virology, animal transgenics and autoimmune diseases. Dr. Cooper began his professional career as a microbiologist and after an MSc in Biotechnology and a PhD in Chemical Engineering he worked for 3 years using molecular biology techniques to investigate poliovirus. He joined PPL Therapeutics (world famous for cloning Dolly the sheep) as a molecular biologist and became project manager for a project to clone cows in the USA for a large US company. He later became the COO of the US subsidiary for PPL and oversaw its expansion into working with several different animal species. After PPL, he has used his molecular-biology background to help manage technologies including one focused on producing hemophilia and hemostatic products in the milk of transgenic animals and another focused on developing small-molecule drugs to treat autoimmune diseases. During all of this time Dr, Cooper has been actively involved in generating and then managing a large portfolio of IP.

Julian attended the University of Bradford in England where he earned a BTech degree in Medical Sciences, and the University of Birmingham in England where he earned an MSc in Biotechnology and a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

Julian has also been involved with several non-profit and community organizations such as the Blacksburg Master Chorale and as a USSF Soccer referee.