Transactions and Agreements

Our firm assists with mergers, acquisitions and investment transactions involving intellectual property. This assistance may include a due diligence investigation, an accurate and comprehensive intellectual property evaluation, a review of pending or potential litigation, an analysis of a company’s IP agreements, and an evaluation of the scope and ownership of IP rights. We identify key issues, propose options for mitigating risks, and outline a strategy for strengthening our client’s bargaining position.

One area in particular, licensing, may provide the greatest return on investment for a patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secret. This is especially true given the time, resources and experience often necessary to bring an idea or invention to market. As a licensor of intellectual property, financial gain is realized through the efforts of others.

Businesses face many considerations when preparing a license agreement, including exclusivity, field of use, term, payment obligations, etc. We work closely with our clients to produce an agreement that is fair to all parties involved.

We provide the following services in the area of licensing:

  • Preparing license agreements
  • Reviewing and negotiating license agreements
  • Enforcing the terms of license agreements
  • Analyzing issues including breach of contract

Our transactional counseling involves a wide range of situations, including simple licenses for income and complex strategic alliances. Our experience and expertise provides our clients with strategic portfolio management, due diligence, opinions and counseling, licensing programs, negotiating and drafting agreements, and handling other IP transactions.